About Me

I'm Akash (he/him), a Brooklyn-based DEI practioner and creator of No Skips, a game designed for inclusivity and connection. I love creating joyful spaces where people from all walks of life can come together and have fun. Developing No Skips was an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, explore my creative side, and enjoy the learning process. My hope is that the game gives you more opportunity for deeper connection with the people around you, centered around joy and play. Have fun!

Our designer: Alexis Caban

This project couldn't have been completed without the amazing work of Alexis who brought the vision to life.


Alexis Elisa Caban (she/her) is an SVA graduate and proud New Yorker currently based in Los Angeles, California. Having worked in design for over a decade, she's proudly brought her culture and perspective to her work at both large and small companies. Currently she's an award winning Art Director at OUTFRONT Studios and a Freelance Creative Director/Designer who helps businesses from different industries stand out from their competitors. Alexis is also one of 3 founders for UNIDOSfront. A hispanic ERG (employee resource group), whose mission is to promote and celebrate Hispanic culture and heritage within OUTFRONT.

Prior to working at OUTFRONT, she spent over 6 years as an Art Director for the Branded Entertainment team at Macy's where she art directed award winning creative campaigns for Macy's national, annual & special events.

Alexis' work has been awarded and recognized nationally by the Greater SF Ad Club, OBIE & more.

Check out her website

Our inspiration: Lizz Rene

Lizz (she/her) is a fellow card game creator and all around amazing human. Support her game, PO’ UP.

PO' UP! (2020) was created to highlight the shared experiences of Black alumni. It’s is more than a drinking game. This card game is an opportunity to contribute to the movement for racial justice by centering Black joy.

PO’ UP! Card Game