Behind the name

Ever play a game and realize it wasn't made for you? That was my experience with a lot of similar games that cater to specific communities or lifestyles. Not a huge deal - you just skip the question. My goal with this game though was to eliminate those subtle moments of exclusion and create a game that was inclusive to everyone. A game that requires "no skips." I hope that's your experience when you play with the people in your life.

  • The “Keep it light” category contains our "safe for work" questions. Perfect for coworkers, new connections, and general icebreakers.


    "Who would you get to play you in a movie about your life?"

  • The “Go deeper” category balances questions with a fun element and those requiring a little more vulnerability. It's perfect for a mixed group of friends or a family game night for some good laughs.


    "What is a fashion or style choice from your past you regret?"

  • The “Inner circle” category contains our most intimate questions and adds a more risque element. It's perfect for a flirty night in mixed company, or your best friends for some deeper bonding.


    "Where is the wildest place you hooked up with someone?"